Community Engagement

By our community engagement initiative, we extend the ministry of the church beyond the walls of the church building and into our immediate and surrounding communities in which we live, work and operate on a daily basis. Our purpose is to meet needs while showing the Spirit of God that lives in us. This manifests itself in a variety of community projects such as: health and wellnes initiatives, distributions of food, clothing or school supplies. We are partners with charities and foundations to meet the needs of our community. Our hope is that as we not only meet these needs but exceed the needs as we will lift the name of Jesus Christ.

This house of worship is very active within the community, which is especially recognizable by specific ministries, that involves the community: Community Engagement, Health & Wellness, Seniors, Grief and Bereavement Counseling (Tree of Life), Youth, Young Adults, Media and Visitation ministries. All of these ministries extend into the community, not just their members.

The Community Engagement ministry has collaborated with the leaders of the Cities of Hollywood, Miramar and Miami Gardens for food and clothing distribution to the residents as well as the homeless in these cities. Prior to Hurricane Irma they distributed bottles of water to the communities. After the Hurricane, they provided warm meals to first responders and electricians restoring power. The Health and Wellness ministry presents educational seminars for the members at the church but also in the community to educate members about health topics that are relevant to the community, including end of life care.

The Seniors Ministry provides opportunities for different business entities to meet with Seniors to provide education on many topics that are pertinent to seniors from finances to health to caregiving and more. Grief and Bereavement program that is open to the community as well as the members. Known as the ‘Tree of Life’ ministry, this program partners with the nationally recognized GriefShare ©. Finally, the Visitation ministry is open to members and those that are sick and shut-in. They have a reference list that they can/will provide for additional information to the patient or family of agencies that may be able to provide additional assistance.

One of the key Youth Ministry programs is the Victorious Boys Symposium, an annual event that reaches out to young men ages 11-19 and encourages them to make positive choices and presents role models in their community.

We encourage all of our members to choose a ministry and become engaged in ministry.