The Daniel Fast

Hope is encouraging all members of Hope to collectively fast and pray as we personally consecrate and collectively dedicate focused prayers during a Church wide Daniel Fast. Let’s together shake heaven and earth with our prayers.

The Daniel Fast is a combination of food fasting and spiritual practice. It promotes healthy food choices and encourages bonding with God. The belief is giving up rich foods allows you to bring health and balance into your life. Prior to fasting, you should ensure you have no heart disease or other health issues. The Daniel Fast is based on passages from the Bible’s Book of Daniel. It is primarily vegan and practiced by the Jewish and Christian religions. Many religions incorporate fasting into their religious practices and combine prayer and fasting to boost their health and reach a higher spiritual level. The Daniel Fast is pulled from two specific scriptures in the Bible that describe the life and practices of Daniel. The prophet Daniel, in Daniel I, ate nothing except fruits and vegetable and drank only water. In Daniel 10, the prophet eliminated bread and meat products for 14 days.

Dates: January 24th – February 6th

Foods to Avoid: Meat and animal products: meat and animal products including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and fish, as well as others. Dairy products: milk, butter, cheese, cream, and eggs. Sweeteners: sugar, honey, raw sugar, molasses, syrups, and cane juice. Leavened bread: Including Ezekiel Bread because it contains yeast and honey, and baked goods. Refined and processed food: artificial flavorings, white flour, white rice, food additives, chemicals, and foods that contain artificial preservatives. Deep fried foods: Including but not limited to French fries, potato chips, and corn chips. Solid fats: All shortening, lard, margarine, and foods high in fat. Beverages: Including but not limited to tea, coffee, herbal teas, energy drinks, carbonated beverages, and alcohol.

Daily Devotion:

Day 1 (1/24/19) Focus: Kingdom Praying to avail minds for the territorial rule of God while exhibiting the principles of Kingdom Living. Matthew 6:33

Day 2 (1/25/19) Focus: Family Praying that God will be pleased with and exemplified by our family life. Psalm 127:1

Day 3 (1/26/19) Focus: Love and Unity Praying for true and unfettered fellowship within church. Peace between leaders, members and families. Ephesians 4:3

Day 4 (1/27/19) Focus: Salvation Praying that we will commit to the call to save the lost through evangelism. Matthew 9:38

Day 5 (1/28/19) Focus: Sacrifice Praying that we will yield our whole self in worship and service to God. Romans 12:1

Day 6 (1/29/19) Focus: Vision Praying that all will be committed to the Vision of the Church, family and our personal visions for life. Proverbs 29:18

Day 7 (1/30/19) Focus: Children Praying the God will bless, keep and protect our children. And they will be raised in the admonition of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4

Day 8 (1/31/19) Focus: Word Pray that we will evermore be sanctified by the word of God. John 17:17

Day 9 (2/1/19) Focus: Prosperity Pray that God will increase and prosper every individual and the church through resources and finance. 3 John 1:2

Day 10 (2/2/19) Focus: Health Praying for the physical and mental health and wholeness of all. Isaiah 53:5

Day 11 (2/3/19) Focus: Glory Praying that God’s glory might be manifest in us and the world. Habakkuk 2:14

Day 12 (2/4/19) Focus: Spirit Praying that we will be constantly led by and renewed by the Spirit. Romans 8:14

Day 13 (2/5/19) Focus: Leaders Prayers for the Church leaders to be constantly led by God and serve with humility. John 17:6

Day 14 (2/6/19) Focus: Prayer Praying that our personal prayer life will increase and that the church maintains a posture of prayer. 1Thessalonians 5:17


Fast Resources:

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